Does Quality Of Old Speakers Get Degraded Over Time?


Aficionado about speakers has different opinions and can debate about which one is accurate. It is actually great for people to try to replace the the speaker units to have a great quality of them. It is believed that the quality of speakers gets degraded over time.  

We are looking into a guide if the quality of speakers go bad over time, or it is just a myth around audiophiles. For obtaining better knowledge regarding the aspect, continue reading the aspect.


Does the speaker become degraded over time?

There is no denial of the fact that with time quality of the things adverse. People have been cheering about the used speakers that they cannot match the good ample due to being old. If you maintain speakers, then you can surely manage to have the same quality as the speakers, similar to a new one.

With the changing era, people are discovering advanced technology and manufacturers, allowing audiophiles to experience the incredible quality of the speakers. Speakers that were built in 1971 can surely not match the advanced technology built in modern times. A noticeable difference can be easily seen for people’s preference. They traditionally were inclined towards soft music nowadays. It has changed to rock music that has a greater voice and improved bass.

Especially when focusing on the dynamics, planars, ribbons, electrostats, amts, iconic speakers, field coils, etc., have considerably changed. The power supply aspect has also changed appropriately, where old foam sounds degraded. However, if you manage to replace the foam, then you can easily manage to enhance the sound quality of the system leading to better experience surely. With the replacement of surround materials, the lifespan of the speakers would probably be increased surely. 


Additionally, people wondering that running speakers hard would downgrading old speakers’ quality, they would be mistaken as there is no such evidence to it. 

If you manage to replace the capacitors in the crossover age, then the value would be changed equally. Carbon comp resistors’ values have changed equally, leading to better quality. It is necessary for people to build the crossovers after 20 years or so, and replacing it with a fresh piece would surely allow you to have magnificent quality.

So, if you feel losing speakers’ quality over time, then replacing the surround system parts would be helpful surely to make it work like before or even better. You can also increase the life span of speakers over time.

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