Cycling Scotland Conference 2014

John Lauder is National Director for Sustrans in Scotland.

He was born in Coldstream, Berwickshire where the cycling habit took hold.

Sustrans Scotland mission is to enable people to travel by foot, bicycle or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. It is a stakeholder in the Cycling Action Plan and manages funds on behalf of Transport Scotland. It works in close collaboration with a wide range of partners: from local authorities and Scottish Canals to communities and national parks. Sustrans delivers both infrastructure and soft-measure projects across Scotland, ranging from ‘community links’ to the National Cycle Network to community-led street design and the schools based I-Bike programme. Recently Sustrans has recruited an urban designer and is working on a number of urban, public space projects.

John is a regular contributor to policy development, a frequent attendee at Holyrood committees and commentator in the Scottish media.

He lives in Portobello, is married with two daughters and, out of a morbid sense of curiosity, follows Hibernian FC. He owns five bikes but can only ride one at a time.

Sustrans is the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, encouraging people to travel in ways that benefit their health and environment. Our principal objectives are to help reduce carbon emissions and to tackle health issues by enabling people to travel actively everyday.

Sustrans Scotland works in many ways: we create public space for pedestrians and cyclists by developing the National Cycle Network, we work directly with people to help change their travel behaviour with Active Travel and School Travel projects, we influence governmental policy and we run innovative and imaginative projects, all aimed at allowing people to live active lives.

We work with a broad range of partners including Local Authorities, Health Boards, National Parks and Education Departments, and we manage Scottish Government funds to help meet our shared objectives.

We are also involved in the Sustainable Transport Towns, the Connect2 projects and the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland.

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