Cycling Scotland Conference 2014

Ian Aitken began working for Cycling Scotland in 2004, shortly after its inception, in the role of Company Secretary. He moved into the role of Marketing Manager in 2005, managing the organisation’s communications including its Cycling to School campaign, Give me Cycle Space. Ian has also handled the coordination of Bike Week in Scotland, and is a member of the UK Bike Week Board. Ian was responsible for organising Pedal for Scotland, the mass participation cycle rides with events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, overseeing an increase in participation from 1500 in 2005 to 12,000 in 2013, making it one of Scotland’s largest participation events. In May 2009 Ian was appointed as Chief Executive of Cycling Scotland, and has worked closely with Transport Scotland and other partners on the drafting of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) and Cycling Scotland’s progress report on CAPS published in November 2012. Ian chairs the CAPS Delivery Forum which has representatives from all organisations which have CAPS actions including all local authorities and regional transport partnerships. As one of Cycling Scotland’s CAPS actions Ian has also overseen the establishment of Bikeability Scotland, the modern day cycle proficiency. Ian is now leading the organisation through the delivery of the actions set out for Cycling Scotland in CAPS.

He lives in Machrihanish with his partner and unsurprisingly loves cycling, commuting to work by bike and taking part in cycling and running events always with an eye for borrowing ideas for Pedal for Scotland.

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